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International Conference On “Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway link – new opportunities in the development of the Historic Silk Road”


Recently, against the backdrop of expansion of the scope and volume of the international trade, the increase in goods and passenger flows between Europe and Asia has created the necessity to establish more effective new transport connections and bolster the efficiency of the current routs in this direction. Given the actuality of the issues raised, certain works are being done by the Republic of Azerbaijan, situated in the intersection of the main transport corridors which connect both regions, in order to promote the international trade and transport and increase the effectiveness. 
In this sense, having Baku – Tbilisi – Kars railway line as on of the main railway access connections and linking Central Asia to Europe through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, East – West corridor has a particular importance. 
Implementation of the Baku – Tbilisi – Kars railway project and construction of the “Marmaray” railway tunnel under the Bosphorus will serve for the connection of the Trans-Europe and Trans-Asia railway networks, directly transportation of goods and passengers through the territories of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey and development of the transit potential of the region countries. Realization of the project, as well as the implementation of the transportation of goods between Asia and Europe through the aforesaid line will create opportunities for the increase of the volume of intermodal and container transportation.  
New railway line will be of foremost importance for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, as well as for the Asian countries. Hence, huge opportunities would be created for connecting Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey with Central Asia, China and Europe. Thus, a number of countries have already expressed their interest in using this transport corridor. 
Given the urgency of the issue and putting into operation the Baku – Tbilisi – Kars new railway line and the first phase of the new Baku International Sea Trade Port in 2015, it is considering by the Government of Azerbaijan Republic to organize an International Conference on 15-17 October 2014 in Baku city, with the participation of region states, as well as a number of European and Asian countries. Numerous international organizations and financial institutions are invited to participate in Conference organized under the title of “Baku – Tbilisi – Kars railway line – new opportunities in the development of Historic Silk Road”. 
General issues regarding the transport, current problems in this field and their solutions, priority projects implemented by the East-West corridor member countries, new initiatives, role and prospective opportunities of the international organizations and financial institutions on the development of transit and transport relations, safety, environmental outlook as well as application of the effective logistic concepts in local and global scales and other issues are included to the agenda of the Conference. 
A Final Document will be adopted as a reflection of the discussions and exchange of ideas during the Conference.